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St. Vincent de Paul Society - 10/27/2013

The Unseen Poor - When we think of poverty, we normally picture a street person, sitting on the sidewalk in ripped, raged clothes requesting a handout. To some extent this is still true, but it is not representative of what we face in Newton. Read more

"We thank you, Father, for this house of prayer in which you bless your family as we come to you on pilgrimage.  Here you reveal your presence by sacramental signs and make us one with you through the unseen bond of grace.  Your house Lord, is a house of prayer and 
your presence makes it a place of blessing."

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Sacred Heart is a welcoming and diverse Catholic parish called by our Risen Lord Jesus Christ to a common Mission of discipleship. We gather together to celebrate the Eucharist, live the Gospel and serve others in His Name.

Visitation To The Sick

We are most anxious to help anyone who cannot celebrate Mass with us in Church because of illness, disability, or age. If you wish to receive the sacraments (of Confession, Communion, anointing of the Sick), please call the Rectory.  Please notify us of any hospitalization so that we may be of assistance.


Deaf Apostulate of the Archdiocese of Boston

The Office of the Deaf Apostulate works with pastors and parishes to meet the needs of the deaf in their communities. Sunday Mass is celebrated in American Sign Language (ASL) at Sacred Heart every Sunday at 11 AM. For information about the Deaf Catholic Community, please visit


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